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Product Description (provided from another retailers website):
The C360 switches build upon the existing Avaya SAFER architecture to eliminate additional switching loss when a single unit in the stack fails. The units stack using the same Octaplane stacking fabric as the P330 product to deliver a highly scalable, easy to manage system, which can be managed using a single IP address. All models include two GBIC ports for connecting to servers and other higher capacity switches. The units can stack up to 10 units and can stack with certain P330 switches as well as the Avaya G700 Media Gateway. When combined with the G700 Media Gateway, the C360 product delivers a complete business communications solution that combines LAN, analog/digital/IP telephony, and WAN connectivity in an integrated stack. The Multi-Layer functionality provides layer 3 switching or routing through a simple license upgrade which allows a single hardware platform to cost-effectively provide routing only when and where needed.

Manufacturer Specifications (provided from another retailers website):
Enclosure Type: Desktop 1U
Subtype: Fast Ethernet
Ports: 48 x 10/100 + 2 x SFP
Power Over Ethernet (PoE): PoE
Authentication Method: CHAP, PAP, RADIUS
Flash Memory: 32 MB flash

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