Nexo PS15 TD Controller

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Product Description (provided from another retailers website):
The PS15 TDcontroller MkII is an advanced analogue processor that allows the PS15 Loudspeaker and optional PS15Bass and LS1200 Subwoofers to achieve exceptional performance from such compact packages. The PS15 TD MkII provides crossover, sensed amplifier control and system equalisation optimised for the PS15, PS15Bass and LS1200.

Manufacturer Specifications (provided from another retailers website):
Audio Inputs: Two L and R Audio inputs. Electronically balanced, 50kΩ. Two XLR-3F connectors
Sense Inputs: Three Amplifier Sense Inputs, 180kΩ. 6 Pole Removable Strip Terminal
Audio Outputs: Three audio outputs. Electronically balanced, 50Ω. Three XLR-3M connectors

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