Outline Eidos 118S

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Product Description (provided from manufacturers website):
The EIDOS 118S is a compact bandpass design containing a single 18” long-excursion transducer also equipped with a demodulating ring.

All Eidos subwoofers can accurately reproduce the bottom end of the audio spectrum, and are sufficiently dynamic to reproduce all types of music. Performance is very high thanks to the selection and design of the correct components, but also to the careful choice and optimisation of the loading techniques that different enclosures require.

Manufacturer Specifications (provided from manufacturers website):
Frequency Response (-10 dB): 32 Hz – 240 Hz
Suggested Cross-Over: max 120 Hz
Nominal Dispersion: Quasi-Omnidirectional
Impedance (Nom/Min): 4 Ω / 4.5 Ω
Watt AES (Continuous/Peak): 1000 W / 4000 W
Maximum SPL Output: 141 dB SPL

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