Outline Genius 24

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Product Description (provided from manufacturers website):
Genius 24 is a 2 in 4 out and Genius 26 is a 2 in 6 out configuration. Both models have factory presets for ALL Outline’s range of loudspeakers thus giving optimal performance.
Genius 24/26 use advanced components in the analog to digital / digital to analog conversion from Burr-Brown and Wolfson and Analog Devices from SHARC DSP. Genius controllers can be controlled remotely via a laptop computer using serial connection, the controllers can also be updated via this port for any future firmware availability.

Manufacturer Specifications (provided from manufacturers website):
Inputs: 2
Input Impedance: > 10k Ohm Electronically balanced
Maximum Input level: +20dBu
Outputs: 4
Output Impedance: <100 Ohm, ground balanced
Maximum Output Level: +20 dBu into 600ohm load

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