Tannoy TX3

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Product Description (provided from another retailers website):
The TX3 is an advanced electronic controller intended to optimise the performance of the Tannoy T300 Superdual loudspeaker system. It can be used in full range mode where it performs specific equalisation functions, extending the low frequency response of the T300 significantly. It can also be switched to 2-way active mode for applications requiring greater capability at very low frequencies, where it provides a mono sub channel output with optimised high and low pass internal crossovers.

Manufacturer Specifications (provided from another retailers website):
Inputs: Two electronically balanced inputs on 3 pin XLR connectors.
Input impedance: 10 kW.
Outputs: Three electronically balanced outputs on 3 pin XLR connectors. (Left, Right and Mono Sub)
Output impedance: 50 W.
Max. level: +20 dBV.
Hum and Noise: -90 dBV, 20 Hz – 20 kHz unweighted

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